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Welding in Kazakhstan.

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Did you know that the process of obtaining permanent link through the establishment of atomic bonds?

Which is better? Forging manual and machine.

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What do you think what a better forging, hand or machine?

Welding technology. Permanent connection

Технология сварки, сварочные работы в Алматы How to learn to weld metal, for permanent connection to bring together a work piece at a distance (S ~ 4.10-10m), which between them will overcome the energy barrier of potential energy. metallic bonds, used to manufacture forgings (forging art)



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Metal welding. Features are

 Сварочные работы,сварка легированных сталейWork welder carries kalosalnuyu responsibility, one of the materials is. Steel - an alloy of iron with carbon to which to impart certain properties can be added alloying elementy.Pri mild steels, welding high-alloy steels is obtained a beautiful welding seam.

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Cutting metal. various equipment

Резка металла разным оборудованиемSharp metal in Kazakhstan called separation units, die-cast metal or pipes. Cutting of metals separated by mechanical shears, saws, chisels, (cabin). Thermal cutting in Kazakhstan oxygen cutting, cutting air-dugavuyu Kazakhstan laser cutting of metal, plasma cutting, portable equipment PS-5.1 and cutting angle grinders or cutting metal in balgarkoy Kazahstane.I matalla cut many more and different equipment in Kazakhstan.

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Welding materials and work with them.

Сварка,сварочное оборудование и расходные материалыWelding materials are called consumables used in welding.
Welding materials can perform the following functions:
* Provide the necessary geometrical dimensions of the weld;
* Protecting the molten metal from exposure to air - the gas, slag or gazoslag;

* Ensuring the stability of the welding process * remove contaminants from the weld metal.

* Types of welding materials. Kazakhstan stalistye welding electrodes, metal, copper, tungsten, bronzavye.Prisadochnaya (welding) wire for semi-automatic, automatic, Kemppi, underwater for gas-powder and to provisti operated welding work in Almaty (Alma-Ata).

Without all the above services in Almaty welder welder, can not carry out welding work in Almaty.Esli welding materials are chosen incorrectly, the services to make the welder to Almaty (Alma-Ata) is impossible Welding in Kazakhstan ..

Welding operations in Kazakhstan - not unimportant process during construction in Almaty. In today's market services for the implementation of the welding operations in Kazakhstan have a different construction companies. Pricing for the implementation of these services individually, but it is worth noting that sometimes the prices are deliberately inflated.

Qualitatively, the welding operations require highly skilled use of quality equipment.
Before choosing a contractor, consider all offers similar services in your area. Determine the most advantageous contractor with reasonable prices to conduct welding work.
Pricing depends on the welding work: material cost, the cost of the equipment, the cost of a specialist in welding. Gas welding


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The process of forging from the user.

Welding, pipe welding

Welding ceiling seam.

Welding heating systems.

Сварка в адронном коллайдере

Welding work in Kazakhstan under sterile conditions.

Welding work - math, chemistry, physics calculations!


Underwater welding and dry in Kazakhstan used for installation of heating systems.


Laser welding is its preimushestva, weaknesses, areas of application.




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