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Our company offers services on installation and welding, argon gas pipes and various stainless steel products, installation of production lines of stainless steel. We are working on technology argon arc welding, which allows the use of this method to quickly and accurately eliminate defects caused equipment. At the moment, argon arc welding preferred method of welding stainless steel.

We professionally provide services for welding with argon and guarantee the quality of work performed by argon in compliance with all rules and regulations on safety. In addition, our team provides mobility and an affordable cost of welding.

Often our clients are asked to tell about the method argonnovoy welding, which is what we will do. Thus, argon arc welding the joint use of multiple technologies in gas and electric welding. Electric borrowed from the arc and the gas method of work. When welding with argon using an electrode made of tungsten, the electrode comprises a ceramic nozzle, which moves in argon, which protects the weld point of the air.

In argon arc welding experience is required and a jeweler's precision, which makes it impossible to attract unskilled work or make yourself. We are asked about the reliability of the most welding, after welding using argon suture is a whole with the part that is in itself a guarantee, in addition there is the possibility of checking the quality of the seam with a compressor. The only sign of that I can determine the location of welding seam is barely noticeable.

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Welding in an acid environment.

Аргоновая сварка в Алматы The other day researching new properties of the metal for TIG welding. Faced with an interesting paradox. Material obtained by means of nano technology, inconceivably great welded at low currents. If you use soft or hard of solders difference is not felt to be known from the argon arc welding of thick metal welded object is repeated imposition of the weld but in this case it was not required, checking X-ray weld showed the best result and a hydraulic test gave a high strength weld

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