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Metal welding. Features are

Сварка нержавейки в Алматы, сварочные работыCarbon steel on the carbon content can be divided into the following groups:
-low-carbon steel - carbon content of less than 0.25%;
of medium-steel - carbon content of 0,26-0,45%;
-high-carbon steel - carbon content exceeds 0.45%.

Alloy Steel by the total content of alloying elements are divided into:
-low-alloyed steel - the number of alloying elements is less than 5%;
srednelegirovannye-steel - the amount of alloying elements is 5-10%;
-high-alloy steels - the number of alloying elements is more than 10%.


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Often, the characteristics of alloy steels consider two criteria of classification - the content of alloying elements and carbon, such as low alloy low carbon steel.

With increasing amounts of carbon and alloying elements weldability of steel, tends to worsen and welding technique is more complicated. This is because it increases the sensitivity of steel to the welding thermal cycle, reduced plasticity of the weld metal and heat affected zone, increasing stress and strain..

All were on their weldability are divided into three groups: well-welded, welded satisfactorily and poorly welded. It is well known as welded steel, which ensures uniform strength of the weld and base metal without the use of special techniques. To satisfactorily welded steel are those for which the uniform strength is ensured by using special techniques, such as preheating, followed by heat treatment, the precision of the thermal cycle, and others to poorly welded steel are such that to achieve equal strength weld and base metal fails.

Well considered low carbon welded steel, low alloy low carbon and high alloy steels, some grades, welded satisfactorily - of medium, low-alloy media neuglerodistye, srednelegirovannye, high-alloy. For poorly welded steel and are high-carbon steels srednelegirovannyh some brands.

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Welding alloy steels

Сварка легированной стали в АлматыWhen welding thicker metals used multi-layer welding with small intervals of time between the imposition of the layers when welding edges of uniform thickness welding current is selected by the edge of the wall and the more it goes most of the arc. In order to eliminate quenching, is recommended after welding seam is heated to a temperature of 700 - 835 ° C. The welding of low alloy and high alloy steels in a protective gas when producing welding current for more than 90 A/mm2. Welding in carbon dioxide is performed at a current-constant-polarity is reversed. I recommend a wire size of 1.2. 2.0 mm for steels containing chromium and nickel using electroslag welding or gas-powder welding alloy, and sredneligirovanyh vysokolegirovanyh steels..

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Welding of complex metal compounds.

Сварка, сварочные работы,Алматы сварочный шовReceived the order at the railway station, had to be cut and weld thicker pieces of metal.
Welding had to carry gas-welding equipment to maximize the use of a threaded tip. Welding was carried out under high pressure. Welding was required for complex compound of metal surfaces, the complexity of the work was difficult to obtain them, and nearly vertical weld overlay. Welding was carried out in harsh climatic conditions. The quality of my welding, you can contemplate on the screen of your manitora.Esli note that welding is carried out almost in the field, the result of the welding is required to make for you a lasting impression. Always ready for demanding welding work your

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