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Laser welding in Kazakhstan

Лазерная сварка Laser welding in Kazakhstan - a high-tech process that does not yield an electron-beam welding on the concentration of energy and does not require a vacuum chamber in Kazakhstan.
During welding, the laser beam a laser developed in Kazakhstan heats and melting metal. The high concentration of power made possible by focusing the beam to a point diameter of several micrometers. This is a consequence of the properties of the beam as: orientation, monochromatic and coherent.
Laser welding process in Kazakhstan is either in the air, or in shielding gas. The laser beam is deflected relatively easily and transported by a special optical system that provides a quality welding and lower costs.
For the welding process in Kazakhstan are commonly used solid-state and gas lasers periodic and continuous action.
Carbide lasers in Kazakhstan are mainly used for small parts of small thickness due to their small capacity. They are based on using a rod of ruby ​​glass doped with Nd or YAG doped with neodymium.
Gas lasers in Almaty applicable welding more powerful and active body is a mixture of gases, usually CO2 + N2 + He. For example, a laser power of 100 kW can weld steel 35 mm thick at 200 m / h.
Laser welding in Kazakhstan provides high strength welds and minimal deformation of welded structures in Almaty due to some peculiarities of heat, such as a small amount of molten metal, the small spot size and high heating rate of heating and cooling of the metal. Laser welding can be performed with different modes, which provide high-performance welding process different materials.
The advantages of laser welding in Kazakhstan are:
-Choice of the exact amount of energy required to produce high-quality connections;
-Power lasers are capable of achieving great depth of penetration in the small width of the weld, which reduces the heat-affected zone, deformation and stress;
Laser can be removed from the weld at a great distance, which sometimes provides some economic benefit;
-The possibility of welding in confined spaces due to the ease control the laser using mirrors and fiber optics.
Disadvantages of laser welding in Kazakhstan:
-High complexity and cost of equipment;
-Low efficiency of lasers.

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